The Redemption rifle includes the innovative Multi-Tool, the first tool included with a rifle that is not only a wrench, but also a cleaning and loading tool:

1. Palm Saver- When loading a projectile (especially after shooting) your ramrod can be difficult to push on to fully seat your bullet. The Multi-Tool has a side hole that allows for it to be used as a palm saver when loading, significantly reducing the difficulty of seating a projectile and assisting in faster reloading.

2. Range Rod- The Multi-Tool comes with an attachment bolt that allows the tool to be threaded on the end of the ramrod. Combined with the Cleaning Adapter (included) the Redemptions ramrod is extended and can be used as a range rod to clean or load the rifle.

3. Retaining Collar Removal- The Multi-Tool also assists in removing your retaining collar if it becomes too tight and will not remove by hand.