customer service

talk to an experienced professional

Our Customer Service team is not just a person answering the phone, it is a trained team member who is there to assist you with your questions.

Each of our team members go through intense training on all of our product so they are able to answer any question you may have.


our promise to you

lhr's lifetime promise

You've heard it before, the "Lifetime Warranty" on your rifle, but is it really? Many Lifetime Warranties are limited and only cover the original owner and the certain aspects of your rifle.

At LHR we believe in our rifles, which is why we offer our "Lifetime Promise." A promise that we will always take care of you and whomever else may own your rifle down the road.

Every LHR rifle you buy is proudly designed and manufactured in our Rochester, NH facility by skilled gun makers. Our highly experienced staff will make sure your rifle is something you will be proud to own and will hand down for generations to come.

our processes

LHR products go through our intense quality checks to make sure you are getting the quality products you expect, here are just a few:

10 point inspection

Our rifles are put through a ten point inspection which examines and double checks all the critical areas of the rifle for quality and performance.

Accuracy testing

The most important part of any rifle is accuracy. We test our products to exceed industry accuracy standards and can provide you the loading data needed to get the accuracy you want. Our products are treated and coated with the strongest protective materials on the market today to give you a long lasting rifle that performs year after year.