Adapt™ breech system

The Adapt™ Breech System is the first of its kind. The primer adapter eliminates the need for threading inside the barrel which is the leading cause of seizing breech plugs.

Adapt™ also allows you the ability to change out your primer adapter to different configurations. This will optimize ignition performance with your propellant of choice.


Armornite™ Corrosion Protectant

With modern black powder substitutes, barrel erosion is still the biggest issue that any muzzleloader hunter or shooter deals with.

Most protective coatings on the market protect the outside of your rifle but what do they do for the inside? Armornite™ is a nitride protectant that covers and protects every inch of the barrel and critical components. This gives you protection and accuracy that's built for a lifetime, not for a season.

Stealth Striker™

Hammers are noisy and hard to reach with a scope. The innovative Stealth Striker™ system is quiet, easy to use and gives the best clearance for scopes.

Slide it forward till it locks and shoot, thats it! No more fumbling to take your hands out of your gloves. The Stealth Striker™ also has an easy-to-use decocking button in the event you choose not to shoot.


Cloverleaf Barrels™

There is no more important part to your rifle than your barrel. Cloverleaf Barrels™ are accurate out of the box and our Armornite™ coating protects the internal bore from long term damage that affects accuracy.

Each Cloverleaf Barrel™ is carefully inspected to meet our exact standards and gives you the peace of mind your rifle will be ready to perform.


FT2 Match trigger™

Your trigger is the last thing standing between you and your success. Crisp, consistent and light are crucial and essential to your accuracy. The FT2 Match Trigger™ is just that, its light pull and zero overtravel will make you a better, more confident shooter.


A wrench, palm saver and range rod handle all built into one easy to carry tool. The multi-tool is the first of it's kind in muzzleloading. It's light, compact design makes it easy to throw in your pocket for field maintainence.