what is armornite™?

What many people do not know about black powder barrels is that any sort of carbon steel content will result in rust and corrosion. Almost all black powder rifle finishes on the market today possess exposed carbon steel in one form or another on the barrel and critical components. Many rifles have coatings that protect the outside of of the barrel but have a exposed carbon interior that allow for rust and pitting. This means that the interior has exposed carbon steel that can corrode quickly if not treated. Many people also believe stainless is the solution but 400 series stainless used in rifle barrels possess some carbon content that only make your barrel resist rust for a few extra hours versus blued barrels.

Armornite™ will redefine corrosion resistance in muzzleloading. Never before has a muzzleloader coating protected the interior and exterior of the barrel. Unlike ceramic coatings on the market today, Armornite™ infuses into the metal components. As a result it has little to no surface area and leaves no exposed carbon steel on your rifle.

Armornite™ is able to be used inside the barrel and not only does it not negatively effect accuracy, it improves it. How? By not allowing corrosion and pitting to build up in the barrel and preventing wear. This means you will not be putting your muzzleloader in the trash after years of use, you will be handing it down for generations without loss of accuracy.

  • Strong corrosion protection for the barrel and components of your rifle
  • Extended barrel life to help retain accuracy over thousands of shots
  • Provides a strong coating to protect your rifle from damage and scratching
  • Protects the inside of the barrel as well as the outside unlike many ceramic coatings which only protect externally
  • Maintains corrosion protection year after year of usage


The new RCF Take-Down Rifle from LHR utilizes the same Armorniteprocess as the Redemption muzzleloaders. The Armornite process on the RCF barrels protects from rust and corrosion caused by weather like the Redemption muzzleloader barrels, but it also helps extend the life of the rifle barrel internally with its hard surface coat. The Armornite treatment reduces friction in the bore and lessens bore surface wear, extending barrel life. Armornitetreatment of the bore creates a new compound layer in the top 10-20 microns of the surface, creating a very hard, slick surface that does not allow carbon to adhere inside of the barrel. This not only protects the barrels surface but also makes cleaning easier. Combined, easier cleaning and less surface wear, your RCF barrel is made to last a lifetime.

Armornite vs. other metals and protectants

Armornite™- Armornite™ is an infused nitride-based protectant that gets below the surface area of the barrel to protect against rust and corrosion. It also protects both the inside and outside of the barrel helping to prevent rust and pitting in the rifling as well as the breech area. Armornite™ is mil-spec and not only extends barrel life by protecting from rust but also abrasion created be bullets in the rifling.

Stainless Steel- In rifle and muzzleloader barrels, 400 series stainless is the most commonly used material which contains a large content of carbon steel. So although stainless is effective in preventing rust, in many instances can still allow barrels and other surfaces to rust over a short amount of time if not treated properly.

Ceramic Coating Finishes- Over the last decade ceramic coatings have become popular on muzzleloaders because they offer a strong virtually rust resistant coating that out performs stainless steel. But, ceramic coatings also have a surface area that effects accuracy if applied inside of the barrel. This means that these types of barrels are protected well on the outside, but are not on the inside where they have exposed carbon steel.

Black Oxide- Black oxide, also known as blueing is probably the most recognized protective coating that provides mild corrosion protection and a better appearance to the metal finish. Although in most centerfire rifles black oxide will do enough to protect for many years, in black powder it is the quickest to be affected by rust and corrosion.