The First Externally Threaded Muzzleloading Breech System

How Does Adapt™ Work?

The Adapt™ Breech system is a revolutionary design that puts the breech threads where they belong, on the outside of the barrel. Other breech systems on the market have internal threads which are the main cause of breech plugs seizing. The Adapt™ system allows you to take the variables out of cleaning. The threads remain clean because they are sealed externally and a threadless 209 ignition primer adapter replaces the rifle's breech plug. This allows you to clean the barrel from breech to muzzle without leaving anything behind. Here are just a few advantages of the Adapt™ system:

  • External threads minimize the amount of cleaning
  • Optional 209 loose powder primer adapter to optimize your performance
  • Hand-removable retaining collar allows for quick and easy cleaning
  • The 209 primer adapter seals against the barrel, minimizing blowback into the breech area and allowing your retaining collar to remove easier by hand after shooting
  • Armornite™ protects your barrel from muzzle to breech from pitting and corrosion
  • Fully-rifled barrel allows for easy cleaning

Innovation- The Key to Getting Redemption

Optional Primer Adapters

The Adapt™ Breech System offers two different primer adapters, a Universal Primer Adapter (included) which offers a shallow powder well and pellet supporting outer ridge. This adapter is designed to work with all forms of black powder and black powder substitutes (pellets or loose form).

The Loose Powder Adapter offers a deep well with a shorter ignition channel that improves performance for loose black powder or loose black powder substitutes. This adapter allows loose powder to sit closer to the ignition and gives superior performance especially in cold weather conditions. Purchase a Loose Powder Adapter

Primer Adapter

The Adapt™ primer adapter creates a tight seal against the barrel that minimizes blowback in the breech area. The 209 primer adapter inserts in the barrel and the retainer collar applies pressure on the rear producing a pressurized seal to help keep residue from coming back into the breech.

The Adapt™ primer adapter and retaining collar are also both treated in the rust preventing Armornite™ coating to protect against corrosion and pitting.


Hand Removable Collar

The Adapt™ System allows you to remove your retaining collar by hand and access your primer adapter for easy cleaning.