• LHR Sporting Arms was founded by four New Hampshire natives driven by the passion of hunting and rifle making. With over 80 years combined experience in the industry, LHR's team saw a need in the firearms market for rifles that were designed with the hunter in mind. All of LHR's rifles are made to be easy to carry, easy to clean and deadly accurate. So if you are one of us, a hunter looking for a rifle that fits your needs and won't let you down when it counts, take a look at LHR Sporting Arms, you won't regret it!



michael garland- president

          • Michael Garland has been in the outdoor industry for 22 years holding CFO positions for both Thompson Center Arms® and Horton Archery®.  Michael is also an avid outdoorsman and passionate whitetail hunter which allows him to not only bring a strong financial knowledge to the team, but also a contributing input to product design and development.

karl ricker- vp of engineering/operation

  • Karl has over 22 years of experience in the firearms industry with Thompson Center Arms® designing rifles and managing quality operations. Karl has long been an avid outdoorsman and ties his experience to his work to help provide some of the most innovative firearms technologies and accessories that you see on the market today.

mark laney- vp of r&d

  • With 35 years of experience at Thompson Center Arms®, Mark Laney has developed an unmatched knowledge of firearms manufacturing and design. Mark is named inventor on many successful firearms patents and chances are you may already own one of his designs.

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